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Hearing Aids

Starkey, the most complete, advanced line of hearing aids.

Starkey offers a complete line of hearing aids that are patient proven to deliver maximum performance, comfort and personalization. With a variety of technology levels and styles, including the new OtoLens™, an invisible-in-the-canal hearing aid, Starkey has a hearing aid to suit your unique lifestyle and hearing needs. Contact Ken Madler at Hometown Hearing to learn more!

A solution for hearing in noise is here.

One of the biggest problems with hearing aids — hearing comfortably in noise — finally has a solution with S Series iQ.

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S Series iQ
OtoLens - 100% Invisible

Introducing OtoLens, the only custom fit, completely invisible-in-the-canal, digital, fully programmable hearing aid. Complete with Starkey's industry-leading technologies.

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